Maritime Chafing Mats

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Chafing Mats are an ancient maritime craft made by hand out of old fishing line— heavy ropes used to pull up fishing nets or pots. These mats were a common accessory on old wooden boats. While they are less common on newer fiberglass or steel boats, they are the perfect accessory for every vessel.
Due to the nature of handmade and recycled materials each mat is unique.

Maritime History
In the era of wooden boats and iron men Chafing Mats were woven out of repurposed fishing line and placed on the wooden deck in high traffic areas to reduce wear and tear on the wooden deck boards. After a hard season the mat was discarded and replaced. It was regarded as a wooden boat accessory and many fishermen who had pride in their craft learned to weave them.

According to a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) release about Fishing for Energy, the removal of old gear helps restore the quality of marine and coastal habitats, and “supports the communities and industries that rely on those resources.”