Seaside Serenity Tranquility Cards

Seaside Serenity Tranquility Cards

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Seaside Serenity

48 mindful affirmation cards for daily meditation.
Daily Affirmation cards for a dose of self-care.

Add a little bliss to your day with Tranquility Cards: Seaside Serenity. Choose from 48 sea-themed affirmations for a mindful moment of calm and clarity. With beautiful imagery and empowering messages, each card is a minivacation from your busy routine. Toss one in your bag, tape another to your mirror, and offer a third to a friend. Treat yourself to the relaxing, meditative break each card offers anytime, anywhere.

- Enjoy 48 soothing cards that bring the ocean’s healing powers to you
- Use as a daily reminder to slow down, savor the moment, and take a restorative break
- Dig your toes into the sand, collect beautiful thoughts like seashells, and swim in positivity with Tranquility Cards: Seaside Serenity

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