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Fragrance Oil Concentrate - Islandlust

Fragrance Oil Concentrate - Islandlust

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Oil Concentrate - On Sale

Exclusively Ours

The intoxicating scent of the islands … transport yourself with images of stepping off the plane in Paradise. Tropical florals with a hint of citrus. This light, bright, sensual fragrance delivers an island vibe to everyday life.

Oil Concentrate for use with our Diffuser Jars

Apply 2-4 drops of fragrance oil on new diffuser rocks, shake gently to distribute oil, cover overnight to allow fragrance to develop.
Remove lid to diffuse fragrance. Cover when not in use to preserve scent.
Apply1-2 drop drops once per month or as needed to refresh. Apply sparingly; build one drop at a time to desired strength. Replace diffuser annually or when diffuser becomes over-saturated.
Do not ingest fragrance oil or diffuser rocks. Do not apply fragrance oil to the body, clothes, furniture, or animals. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

15ml bottle with dropper.  Contents: Fragrance Oils.



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